Healthy and varied nutrition - At the heart of babies' health

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), good nutrition during the first 1000 days of life is a pillar in the development of a baby's health capital in adulthood. This period becomes an excellent opportunity for parents to offer all the benefits of healthy nutrition, as the good nutrients present in food help shape the baby's nervous system, immune system and metabolism.

At birth, a newborn's brain weighs about a quarter of an adult's. During the first year of life, the brain doubles in size! Nutrients in the diet contribute to the normal development of this precious organ.

Our history

This beautiful adventure began when Stéphanie and I had the desire to take on a major challenge: to raise the nutritional standards of the baby food industry by improving the product selection in this category! Since then, this project has become our dream! In our quest to promote healthy habits, one mission motivates us every day: To ensure the growth of a healthy generation!

Belov is the name we came up with one night and it represents everything that was important to us for our future business. To name a few; the love of babies, the love of cooking, the love of life! Also, what does a parent always put in meals when cooking for their BELOVed one? Love, of course!



Our promise

Ensure the growth of a healthy generation!


Promote the importance of a healthy and varied diet during the first years of life, for the optimal development of babies' nervous system, immune system and metabolism, by offering healthy and tasty foods.


Love - Family - Health

Life balance - Well-being


From our hearts to yours, collectively we can raise the nutritional standards for babies and become the reference in infant nutrition in Canada.